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7 June 2020

“2019 was a very good year in a challenging market and we’re keeping up the momentum for 2020. Acquisitions included a Global 6000, a Global 5000, a Gulfstream 650ER and a VIP Airbus A319. On the sales side, Global Jet has completed 20+ transactions with excellent outcomes for the owners”, reports Hardy Sohanpal, Head of Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions.

Owners of aircraft under management by Global Jet can count on achieving the best possible terms when it comes to selling their asset. First, the focus on value preservation means quality and professional care. Second, everything is in-house ­– from crew to operations to maintenance – which means we know every nut and bolt and don’t have to rely on second-hand information. Third, the vast experience and clout that comes with twenty years of being in the business. Fourth, the credentials and reputation that comes from the three points mentioned before.

“This also explains how we’ve earned a solid reputation for selling aircraft on behalf of clients who don’t have their asset under Global Jet management”, says Hardy. The same applies when it comes to sourcing aircraft for clients who don’t intend to place them under our management. “When Global Jet is in the equation, buyers know that the asset we propose will offer the best value and sellers rest assured of achieving the best result”.