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A world renowned and trusted brand for more than two decades, Global Jet manages private and commercial aircraft for international corporations, financial institutions, and high net worth families and individuals. As well as being one of the largest operators in the world, Global Jet also operates one of the most diverse fleets, with more than 35 unique aircraft types from established manufacturers.

As you would never compromise on the things that truly matter to you, we will never compromise on safety, quality or our reputation for delivering an industry-leading service that is built on trust and transparency.


  • Airbus


    • Airbus ACJ330


    • Airbus ACJ320


    • Airbus ACJ319 I Neo


    • Airbus ACJ318


  • Airbus


    • Boeing BBJ747-800


    • Boeing BBJ787


    • Boeing BBJ767


    • Boeing BBJ737


  • Airbus


    • Global 7500


    • Global 6500 I 6000


    • Global Express I XRS


    • Challenger 605 I 604


    • Challenger 350 I 300


  • Airbus


    • Citation Latitude


  • Airbus


    • Falcon 8X


    • Falcon 7X


    • Falcon 900 LX I EX I DX


    • Falcon 2000 S I LX I EX


  • Airbus


    • Praetor 600


    • Praetor 500* delivery 2025


    • Phenom 300


  • Airbus


    • Gulfstream 650 I 650ER


    • Gulfstream 550


    • Gulfstream 200


    • Gulfstream 700* delivery Q4 2024 & Q1 2025


  • Airbus


    • PC24


Safety, Regulations, AOCS & Qualifications

At Global Jet, we have earned worldwide acclaim for our unwavering attention to detail and commitment to safety. We pride ourselves on pioneering new safety measures and new ways forward for the industry as a whole.

We have built an excellent rapport with aviation registries and regulatory authorities throughout the past two decades, meaning the flight operations under almost any registrations are easily arranged.

For the commercial operation of your aircraft, we hold 3 Air Operator Certificates (AOCs) in Luxembourg (LX), Austria (OE) and Aruba (P4) and can also operate commercially under the Spanish (EC) and French (F) flag. Privately (NCC) we currently operate under the following international registrations including Isle of Man (M), Spain (EC), France (F), Cayman Islands (VP-C), United States (N), Bermuda (VP/VQ-B) and Aruba (P4). We can also operate privately under any other registrations.


  • IS-BAO

    The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations IS-BAO

    IS-BAO Level 3

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  • Wyvern Wingman

    The Highest Standard in Aviation Safety and Risk Management
    USA Wyvern Approved Operator - Certification Renewed

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  • Official TSA

    The Airspace Authorizations Office manages the process of aircraft operators who request to enter areas of restricted airspace
    VISA waiver program for private and commercial aircraft

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  • ETOPS**

    Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards

    180 min. for all AOC operations

    120-180 min. for all AOC operations

  • LVO / ILS***

    Low Visibility Approach / Instrument Landing System
    CAT II and CAT III B (no DH)**** (Global Jet is the first Private Jet Operator to obtain CAT III B Approval)

  • EVS

    Enhanced Vision System II operations

    Global Jet is approved to fly EVS Approach (Enhanced Vision System) for capable aircraft allowing to fly in reduced visibility

  • USA PART 129

    US Part 129 approval for commercial flights. Permit to, from and transiting the United States

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  • Special Airport Approvals*****

    Madeira, Innsbruck, Sion, Saint Tropez, Lugano, London City


    Approved for operating cargo flights and for Dangerous Goods on B737-400

  • Border Overflight Exemption USA

    A border overflight exemption allows general aviation aircraft to overfly the first designated Airport of Entry (AOE) when arriving into the U.S. from below the 30th parallel in the eastern U.S., and below the 33rd parallel in the western U.S. This covers all flights from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, and French Polynesia

  • UK TCO

    Approved to perform commercial flights to/from United Kingdom

  • Singapore FAOC

    Approved to perform commercial flights to/from Singapore


    Approved to perform commercial flights to/from UAE


    Approved to operate flights in the Polar region. On certain routings this will bring time savings

  • PNR Go

    Automatic integration with PNR GO. Charter passengers and crew members are being screened on  OFAC Sanctions Lists (USA),  UN Sanctions List, HM Treasury Sanctions List (United Kingdom), EU Sanctions List,  EU Travel Ban List, SECO Sanctions List (Switzerland), Canadian Sanctions List, Australian Sanctions List, UAE Local Terrorist List, Interpol Red Notice

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* IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) built for operators, by operators based on the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS). IS-BAO is designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve high levels of safety and professionalism.

** Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards, i.e. ETOPS stands for Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards, a rule which permits twin engine aircraft to fly routes which, at some point, are more than 60 minutes flying time away from the nearest airport suitable for emergency landing. Non-ETOPS refers to flying times not subjected to ETOPS rules. 120 min. and 180 min. means approval for operations in which a diversionary airport is within 120 min. and 180 min. flying time, respectively.

*** Instrument Landing Operations.

**** Global Jet hold CAT II ILS approvals and is also the first business jet operator worldwide to be approved for CAT IIIB operations with a runway visibility range of 75 meters (i.e. extremely poor visibility conditions).

***** Due to local topography and weather particularities, these airports impose special approach and departure operations. Pilots require special training and approval for operations to and from these airports.


We are a worldwide operation with global reach. Our operations center and its team of expert dispatchers and flight coordinators are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We aim to make the impossible possible without compromising on safety.

Using state-of-the-art technology, you can even track live movements of your aircraft, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the fastest routes to your destination. We use a Satellite tracking application that give Global Jet's Operations Control Center a vital edge for operations in remote areas like desert and forest regions. Crucially, this provides full visibility over oceanic regions, where conventional tracking systems have no reach.

When you partner with Global Jet you will gain exclusive access to

  • Gain full and transparent access to our scheduling software and receive real-time flight status updates of your aircraft, including maintenance downtime. Instant flight time, permit, handling updates, airport slots and crew schedules are also available.

  • A flight tracking solution capable of following aircraft that might not even have the necessary tracking capabilities. It adds an extra layer of reliability and safety, especially for flight operations in remote areas of the world – which in turn reduces operational risks and costs. With this tool, you or your representative will receive an automatic notification via mobile for every movement, including take-offs and landings.

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Global Jet is proud to be the first business jet operator to use in-house built electronic journey log and electronic document management software, both of which have the full approval of all civil aviation authorities. This means flight crew can enjoy paperless flight operations.


Put your aircraft in safe hands

Global Jet developed a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) in-house that is subject to regular external audits by the relevant authorities and third parties. CAMO is responsible for our world-class team of dedicated engineers and technicians who handle your aircraft maintenance and technical supervision as well as monitoring your asset compliance. With one of the largest fleet consisting of more than 35 aircraft types, Global Jet has developed strong and long-term relationships with all major maintenance centers and part suppliers around the world.


Thanks to the size of our fleet, we’re able to negotiate the best possible rates and discounts for our clients when it comes to scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance, including the procurement of parts and equipment.

Global Jet added services

  • 24/7 Hotline: A dedicated team of engineers and technicians available around the clock to support any maintenance event, both scheduled and non-scheduled, including AOG continuous control.

  • EASA Part 145: Global Jet has obtained EASA Part 145 certification for the following aircraft types: Airbus 318, 319, 320 family, Boeing 737, Falcon 7X and Gulfstream 650.

  • Audit: Global Jet undergo by third parties' regular audits of its suppliers, including maintenance, spare parts suppliers, training centers, caterer, FBO and maintenance centers.

  • New aircraft Delivery and Warranty follow up: We support you in every aspect of aircraft ownership, from receiving your new aircraft to following up on its warranties.

Crew &
In-Flight Service

Welcome on board

Each aircraft under Global Jet management program has a dedicated crew of professionals, from pilots and flight attendants to engineers and technicians. Whenever you fly, you are met with the same team who makes sure to provide you with a safe, smooth and relaxing flight. The attention to details of our flight personnel and their commitment to excellence has been recognized for decades in our industry. Global Jet is constantly raising the bar for five-star service, safety, security onboard and high level of training to ensure our passengers an unforgettable journey.

The Global Jet Training Program

  • Crew medical screening (Medical, Psychotechnical and Psychological assessment)

  • Pilot simulator screening (determine level of expertise, qualification for the role)

  • Fully customized Bi-annual simulator Training and checking for pilots all evidence (Safety Management System) based 

  • Special Operation Trainings, e.g. Long-Range Operation, Low Visibility Operation, Special Airports

  • Line Flying under supervision and annual Line Checks

  • Emergency & Safety Equipment Training modules. Global Jet has the most comprehensive and demanding training program in the industry to always ensure crew and passengers safety


  • Service training

  • Integrated Crew Resources Management (CRM) to share feedback among crews throughout Global Jet via our Safety Management Systems (SMS)

  • Recurrent Online trainings (latest changes, safety, operational etc.)

  • Company seminars on the latest changes, technical, regulation and company operational reviews

  • MedAire training (First Aid)

  • Peer to Peer support

  • Flight dispatch regular trainings

Procurement department

Global Jet commitment is to pass at cost all financial savings achieved on any purchase for your aircraft. In full transparency, all invoices are charged on one to one basis. Thanks to our leading position in the business aviation market and the size of our fleet, Global Jet is able to negotiate the best prices on the industry. Our experienced procurement team members have implemented regular tenders and audits with our suppliers as well as direct contract with all major worldwide fuelers, maintenance centres, airport services and handling etc. As a result, Global Jet's clients will benefit from the lowest operation cost for their aircraft. All discounts will be passed on to our clients.

By choosing Global Jet as your management company, the direct result will be the most competitive operation cost for your business jet.

Key cost savings

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    Airport services and handling

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    Crew Training

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    Crew travel & accommodations

Financial & Reporting App

Over the years, Global Jet has been a pioneer in developing a unique financial & reporting application based on the feedback and requirements of their clients.

With our app, clients can directly access any information regarding their aircraft financial activities.

All invoices related to your asset are checked by our procurement department and after approval processed into our financial reporting application. The application gives you the certainty of max cost control by ensuring, monthly, yearly, detailed financial report.

Our innovative reporting program also gives you a full picture of your aircraft’s information, documentation and contracts such as engine programs, insurances, crew policies etc. Furthermore, the following information are also accessible: flight performed, maintenance scheduling and crew training planning. Thanks to all this information, you will be able to produce comprehensive financial and operational statistics and detailed reports.

All information related to your aircraft is held on our non-cloud based secure servers and accessible live from any devices.