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Throughout our 24 year history, we’ve been entrusted with more than 40 design and completion VVIP projects on behalf of our clients. You can lean on us when it comes to the complex process of designing, building and delivering your aircraft interior to precise and exact specifications. We will be your eyes and ears, supervising the process from aircraft selection, completion center evaluation, designer coordination and full completion supervision and management.

By selecting Global Jet, you will benefit from our unmatchable know-how acquired throughout all projects. Our highly qualified and experienced technical engineer team members will represent you and defend your interest during the entire process. With meticulous, personalized attention to detail, bespoke exteriors and interiors are treated like jewels to be polished to perfection with passion.

The protection of your asset is our priority.

Design background
Design background

projects achieved

  • ACJ 340, 320, 319, 318

  • 787-800, 767-300ER, BBJ3, BBJ2, BBJ1

  • 650ER

  • Falcon 8X, 7X, 900DX Easy

  • Global 6500, Global 6000, XRS

Design background

The services we offer

As an aircraft owner, you might wish to upgrade your existing airplane In the following areas

  • Interior Design

  • Soft material replacement (Seats, Divan, Ceilings, Carpet, ...)

  • Cabin reconfiguration (change of LOPA)

  • IFE upgrade (In Flight Entertainment)

  • Cabin management system upgrade (Lighting, Temperature, Humidification...)

  • Communication and Internet upgrade

  • Aircraft Paint

Global Jet and with Its team members with long experience will be happy to assist you in the following areas

  • Aircraft valuation and appraisal

  • Documentation survey

  • Aircraft range analyses

  • Maintenance center audit

  • Aircraft Storage and preservation preparation/supervision

  • Aircraft reactivation

  • Pre-buy supervision services

  • All cabin completion systems analyses

  • Cabin conversion (commercial – private)

Aircraft Acquisition & Evaluation

  • Manufacturer (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, …)

  • Range analyses (Cabin weight, payload, Airport analyses)

  • Options selection (engine, fuel tanks, future needs, temp control zones future requirement, options for completion, cost saving, ...)

  • Price negotiation

  • Contract legal advice

Green delivery

  • Supervision during aircraft buildup

  • Reporting

  • Documentation inspection

  • Flight and ground testing

  • Paint inspection, supervision

  • Delivery to completion center

Coordination with Designer

  • Floor plan build up with Client and designer including technical constraints (LOPA: Layout Of Passenger Accommodation)

  • Specification for design (Owner request, seating, special systems, commercial/private use, Aircraft safety/defense system, maintenance access, technical advises)

  • Standard and sleeping configuration analyses and technical solutions

  • Designer Package bidding

  • Designer Audit and selection according to the clients' wishes / requests

Global Jet Specification Package

  • Specification build up according designer and client needs (150 pages)

  • Systems descriptions

  • Design descriptions

  • Maintenance access

  • Noise package details

  • Documentation request details



Completion center selection

  • Completion center audit and bidding process

  • Completion center price negotiation

  • Schedule analyses

  • Contract negotiation

  • Contract Legal advices

Cabin completion management

  • Upfront Management including Designers meetings, ITCM, PDR, CDR with Completion center and external vendors

  • Aircraft delivery to Completion Center and inspection / Mock up test

  • Paint supervision / cabinetry, monuments supervision / System testing in shop or vendor

  • Completion quality monitoring, Cost control analyses

  • Monthly completion report to the owner / Coordination with owner Aircraft operator during completion CAMO

  • Cabin system conformity with specification and installation continuous supervision. Ergonomic checks and control. Maintenance preservation control

  • Certification monitoring until STC issued

  • Quality and conformity inspection during completion

  • Ground test and flight test coordination and reports

  • Supervision of all testing

Final delivery to customer

  • Coordination of STC approval by the relevant Airworthiness authorities

  • Technical, Flight and Cabin crew specific training coordination

  • Final detail Cabin inspection (systems and design), Aircraft and Cabin detail acceptance

  • Delivery documents transfer and follow up on warranty work

Our Projects

319 CJ
737-700 BBJ