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SN 196


Configured for 10 passengers, our twin-engine Falcon 2000LX offers a generous 26-foot long cabin with headroom for true six-footers and full-width seating .
Purpose-designed areas for work and relaxation, multiple video screens, and a full suite of business tools and communications facilities make this the perfect travel platform.
Based in Geneva. Available for rent . Best business private jet charter rate.












  • Engines & APU on Programmes

  • EASA Compliant

  • EASA Compliant

  • ADS-B out & CDPLC & FANS1/A+

  • Two European Owners Since New and Always Hangared

  • CAMP

  • OEM (Dassault) Installed Winglets

  • RVSM, 8.33 Comm, MNPS & RNP5 Navigational Compliance


  • Engines

    Provided by
    Pratt & Whitney Model PW308C
    Serial Numbers
    L# PCECF0434 R# PCECF0428
    Enrolled on
  • APU

    Provided by
    Honeywell Model 36-150 (F2M)
    Serial Number
    Enrolled on

    Cabin Floorplan
    Main Cabin Option 1 Floorplan inc. 10 x Pax Seating Configuration with 4-Pax Forward Double Club (4 x Single 20 inch Seats) and 4-Pax Aft Dining Group (2x Dual 41 inch Seats) opposite 2-Pax Single Club (2 x S ingle 18 inch Seats), Forward RH Galley with Galley Annex opposite Entryway Closet and Rear Fully Enclosed RH Flushing Lavatory & LH Vanity with access to Aft Baggage Compartment.
    Option 1. Forward RH 36 inch Galley with 15 inch Galley Annex and Forward LH 20 inch Closet.
    Forward Galley
    36 inch “Rounded Look Style” Galley inc. Single Extra-Wide High Temperature Oven with Digital Controller, Storage Racks and Nespresso Coffee Maker with Sliding Tray and Lower Galley Section incorporating a Rounded Sink with Optional Vola Model KV1 Continuous Flow Faucet, Pop-Out Work Surface and Independent Storage Drawers for Trash, Ice and Cold Storage.
    Galley Annex
    15 inch RH Galley Annex with Rockwell Collins 8.4” LCD Touch-Screen at theTop, Open Storage Compartment with Independent Provisions Entertainment Equipment (iPod, Audio/NTSC Video & Power Outlet), 4 x Atlas Tray Carriers at the Bottom.
    Forward Closet
    20 inch 20” Forward LH Easily Removable/Installable Entryway Closet inc. Provisions for installing 2 x Atlas Tray Carriers (in lieu of Life-Raft), an Open Top Storage Compartment with Small Slide-Out Drawer, a General Storage Drawer and a Storage Drawer for Bottles.
    Galley Pocket Sliding Door with Hotel Style Peephole, 2 x MED Aux Work Surface and Storage.
    Single Seats
    4 x 20 inch Forward Double Club Single Seats and 2 x 18 inch Rear ClubSingle Seats certified to 16G with Increased Seat Back Height (approx 3 inches), Electrical Lumbar and “Winged” Headrests.
    Dual Seats
    2 x 41 inch Dual Aft Dining Group Seats (total 4-Pax) certified to 16G with Increased Seat Back Height (ap- prox 3 inches), Electrical Lumbar and “Winged” Headrests.
    Leg Rest
    Recliner Type Leg Rest (Pneumatic) installed at #2 LH Seat and #2 RH VIP Seat.
    Console Tables
    2 x Forward LH/RH Console Table Storage Cabinets and a Rear RH 24” x 26” Telescoping Console Table Storage Cabinet, all with “Rounded Look Styling”,1 x Aft Dining Group Table Option 2 42 inch L x 28 inch W, (2.5” Dia.) with Telescoping Legs.
    Magazine Racks
    2 x Tracking Magazine Racks (Standard).
    “Rounded Look Styled” Vanity incorporating Trash Container, Soiled Linen Container, 2 x Racks Behind Door, Large Vanity Mirror and Soap Dish with Optional Vola Model HV3 Continuous Flow Faucet.
    Fully In-Flight Accessible Baggage Compartment with Fold Down Hanger Bar.
  • S A T C O M

    Honeywell MCS-7120 4-Channel SATCOM; 1 x Aero H+ Flightdeck Voice Channel, 1 x Flightdeck Datalink Channel & 2 x Swift 65 Channels (becomes 1 x Swift Broadband Channel when available) with 1 x ICG Sigma7 Handset, 1 x Honeywell CG-710 Communications Gateway Unit (provides Swift 64 High-Speed Data Dual-Channel Bonding and Data Compression/Acceleration Capability), 1 x CR-710 Unit (provides Wireless Access Point Capability) and 3 x Ethernet Ports. System also includes EASyTM Integration for Flightdeck Dialing, Voice and System Control Functions. System is capable of up to 3 x Handsets.
    1 x ICG Sigma7 Handset located at #2 RH VIP Seat, 1 x ICG DECT Cordless Handset with 1.9 Ghz Base Unit located at Dining Area.
  • O T H E R E Q U I P M E N T & S Y S T E M S ( O P T I O N S )

    Weather Uplink
    Honeywell EASyTM Uplink Weather Capability
    Cabin Management
    Rockwell-Collins Falcon Cabin Management System (FCMS) inc. 2 x Digital Encoder Interface Boxes (BNB), 1 x PSW (Colour OLED) VIP Control, 4 x ALTO Speakers, 1 x DB Systems Amplifier, 1 x DTSystems Speaker in Lavatory.
    Cabin Controls
    Rockwell-Collins A-Type Mechanical Cabin Control, Rockwell-Collins 8.4” LCD Touch-Screen Control.
    Switch Panels
    7 x Collins PSW Individual Switch Panels, 2 x Collins Mechanical A-Type Individual Switch Panels.
    Video Displays
    2 x Rockwell-Collins 21.3” Colour LCD Monitor - one @ Fwd RH Bulkhead & a second @ Aft LH Bulkhead.
    Device Interface
    2 x Auxiliary Cabin Audio/NTSC Video Interface for Portable Devices, 2 x Rockwell-Collins Single iPod Interface Panel with Cable.
    Device Interface
    Note: Access to each of these Interface Systems is located at the #2 RH VIP Seat Position and also at the RH Entryway Galley Annex.
    Airborne Camera
    Securaplane CMX-02 Forward View, Colour, Tail-Mounted Camera (Cabin Viewing Only).
    Pax Information
    Rockwell-Collins Airshow 4000 w/ Worldwide Maps. Cabin Safety Briefings for Rockwell-Collins Airshow 4000.
    Oxygen System
    Third EROS Oxygen Mask, 2 x EROS MXP 400/800 Series One-Piece Convertible Full Face Mask, Enlarged Oxygen Bottle (115 Cu. Ft.), Standard First Aid (Therapeutic) Oxygen System with 1 x Mask & 1 x Outlet.
    Emergency Eqpt
    Crash Axe with Storage (EU Ops 1 compliance) 1 x Additional Smoke Hood (Crew Type) in Aft Cabin (EU Ops 1 compliance), 2 x Winslow 9-Man Life Rafts w/Storage Provisions, 406 ELT & Emergency Transceiver.
  • E L E C T R I C A L S Y S T E M S ( O P T I O N S )

    AC Power
    KGS Electronics 230VAC 50 Hz Inverter (2000VA) inc. 7 x Power Outlets @ LH Crew Closet, Galley, LH Forward Club, RH Forward Club, Aft Club, Dining Group and Aft Lavatory Vanity. Additional Power Outlets @ Galley with Priority Switch & RH Galley Annex.
    DC Power
    Main Batteries Charging from GPU. “Medvac” 28V Power Outlets @ LH & RH Forward Cabin.
    External Lighting
    Teleflex Tail Recognition Light System (4 Lights – 2 Upper and 2 Lower).
    Cabin Lighting
    EMTEQ LED Type Direct Lighting for Table and Reading Lights in Main Cabin, Closet and Aft Lavatory EMTEQ LED Type Indirect Lighting for Up-Wash / Down-Wash Lighting in Main Cabin Area, Entryway, Gal- ley Display and Countertop, Lavatory Headliner, Vanity Mirror and Toe Kick Lights.
  • F L I G H T D E C K ( O P T I O N S )

    Miltope TP-4840 Flightdeck Text/ Graphics Printer.
    CMC CMA-1100 “Pilot View” Class II Electronic Flight Bag w/Side Console Mount @ Pilot side & Co-Pilot Side.
    Crew Seating
    Third Flight Deck Seat 16g-ERDA w/ Floor Storage Drawer & Fold Down Hanger Bar.
    Crew Closet
    Option 3. Left Hand Closet with Horizontal Storage from Aircraft Manuals and Forward Bulkhead Cutaway for Pilot Seat Recline.

    Last painted
    Base paint color(s)
    Matte Black


  • LPV Approach, ADS-B Out, FANS 1/A

  • Hamilton Sundstrand Flight Director

  • Triple Honeywell TR-866B VHF Comms

  • Dual Honeywell DF-855 ADF

  • Dual Honeywell DM-855 DME

  • Triple Honeywell DL-700 FMS

  • ACSS RT-951 TCAS-2000 TCAS II w/Change 7

  • Honeywell Primus WU-880 Weather Radar

  • Triple Honeywell Micro Inertia Ref LRNAV System

  • Triple Honeywell AV-900 Audio (EUOps1/Part 135)

  • Dual Rockwell Collins HF-9034A w/SELCAL

  • Dual XS-857A XPNDR Mode-S w/Enhanced

  • Dual Honeywell Autopilot

  • Dual Honeywell NV-875B VH Nav

  • Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeter

  • Honeywell Mark V EGPWS

  • Dual Honeywell GPS-90X GPS

  • Honeywell MCS-7120 SATCOM

  • Honeywell SSFDR Lightweight FDR

  • Honeywell SSCVR CVR (2 Hours EUOps1)

  • ELTA ADT-406 ELT

  • Honeywell EASyTM Electronic Jeppesen Chart

  • Honeywell EASyTM CMF w/Flightdeck Datalink Capability

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