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Charter & Brokerage 2021

8 December 2021

Global Jet experienced very strong demand for charter flights throughout the summer of 2021 and across all offices, with Paris, Monaco, Madrid and Geneva setting new records. Charter activity continued to grow in September, October and November with an approximate rise of 140% in bookings.
Interesting: The Challenger 350 in Global Jet’s charter fleet set a record on its own this summer. According to Bombardier’s records, the aircraft logged the most flight hours in July and August compared to all other Challenger 350 in the European charter fleet.

Hard to beat when it comes to speed, safety, flexibility and comfort

The exponential growth of Global Jet’s charter business is linked to several factors. As a matter of fact,we noticed that passengers were reluctant to travel with commercial airlines due to the increased uncertainty and the desire to avoid unnecessary contact with others. Also, travellers who used to fly business/first class were increasingly turning to private aviation because of the extra safety and flexibility. The fact that, in most locations, private aviation comes with dedicated standalone VIP terminal facilities and channels reduces the potential for exposure as well by avoiding busy airport terminals, check-in counters as well as lengthy boarding procedures.

No doubt a contributing factor, too: Global Jet’s new dedicated charter web page that makes requesting a quote online easy, simple and quick.

In order to keep up the growth momentum whilst maintaining the high-end service quality our clients are accustomed to, the Global Jet team in Monaco will be expanding its team of Charter Sales Executives to advise customers and find optimal solutions adapted to the client’s needs.


Hot spots, cool destinations

The top summer destinations of Global Jet clients were the Greek Islands (with Mykonos a clear favourite), the Balearic Islands (Ibiza), Sardinia (Olbia), the French Riviera (Nice, St-Tropez) as well as Corsica and Cyprus (Larnaca). With regard to the winter season, we can already notice that some of our clients are headed towards Moscow, London, Scandinavia, Maldives and the Caribbean.


New aircraft for charter

Global Jet is delighted to announce three new additions to the Charter fleet since this summer: a Challenger 300, a Gulfstream 650 and a brand-new 2021 Gulfstream 650ER. With a unique 15-seat configuration, the Gulfstream 650 offers a refined, peaceful and elegant interior. Guests will be able to enjoy all the amenities on board with the extra well-being afforded by a low cabin altitude. The Challenger 300 based in Le Bourget just outside Paris is ideal for transcontinental flights. In addition, the aircraft features an excellent take-off and landing capability. The brand-new 2021 Gulfstream 650ER comes with an extended range of 7500 nautical miles and the latest technologies, including a Ka broadband high-speed internet system. With its modern and elegant interior, this private jet based in Europe offers the perfect combination of safety, speed, range and comfort.


Taking flexibility to the next level

Global Jet’s Charter & Brokerage team will be implementing a new aviation software package (LEON) to support flight operations and scheduling, resulting in substantial efficiency gains. This new program will enable the sales, crews and operation teams to respond even more quickly and precisely to client requirements with more options in less time.