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8 December 2021

There have been some changes in the aircraft sales & acquisitions industry since the beginning of the pandemic. At first, even though there was a slight slow-down, the market remained stable. In 2021, we saw the demand for pre-owned aircraft increase as a result of manufacturers reducing the production of new aircraft. Furthermore, clients were eager to upgrade their private jet as quickly as possible in the face of new waves and variants of the COVID-19 virus. As well as US buyer taking advantage of tax benefits, acquiring an aircraft before the year end.  Facing this rise in demand there was a lack of availability of pre-owned aircraft, which had a ripple effect on values. Moreover, this period also saw the emergence of many first-time buyers, generating further demand pressure. 

Global Jet has witnessed a successful year in terms of aircraft sales. Just to mention a few in 2021, Global Jet has sold a Falcon 7X, two Global 6000, a Gulfstream 450, a Falcon 2000LX, a Legacy 650 and an ACJ318 ELITE. A strong year indeed.

A presidential aircraft

Global Jet was also recently appointed as the exclusive sales broker for one of the world’s most unique Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner’s. The aircraft is designed to meet the requirements of heads of state, corporations, sports teams and private individuals, who want the ability to travel 7500 nautical miles non-stop with 80 passengers in supreme comfort. The aircraft was manufactured in 2010, recertified & delivered by Boeing in October 2014 and entered into service January 2016 following completion. The Boeing 787 stands out for its low carbon footprint. It produces 20-30% lower CO2 emissions than many of its airline contemporaries. Moreover, the Boeing 787 is exceptionally quiet, making a 60% smaller noise footprint compared to the jets it was introduced to replace in the industry. Both the interior and exterior are virtually new with only 1700 flying hours in total.  Its configuration is one of the key elements of this aircraft. There are 80 seats, which includes Business Class and above. The cabin is ingeniously divided into a Presidential office, Master bedroom, Master bathroom with shower, VIP lounge, a working group area, two large galleys, and overhead flight crew rest areas. This is an exceptional opportunity for a specific market segment that needs the ability to move a group of people, without the current limitations of the commercial airline network.


Global Jet has a variety of other VIP airliners available for sale, including an Airbus ACJ318 ELITE and two Airbus ACJ319’s.

We are also proud to be the exclusive sales broker for a VVIP Boeing 767-300ER. This timelessly exquisite VVIP Boeing 767-300ER for sale has been expertly managed by Global Jet for the past 15 years. The aircraft was designed by Winch Design and was completed by Jet Aviation. The aircraft is virtually factory new with new exterior paint in 2020; an aircraft definitely worth seeing!


Finally, we are diligently working on a number of aircraft sales mandates, including off-market ones such as a Gulfstream 550 and a Gulfstream 200.