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6 July 2020

“Altogether, Global Jet’s significant and ongoing investments in IT/OT systems consistently provide returns in terms of cost savings along with greater flexibility and peace of mind for our clients,” says David Pazos, Head of IT and based in Geneva.

The upgrade to new software consolidates all of our support systems (crew scheduling, aircraft management and flight planning) into one seamless application tailored to Global Jet’s needs.

In addition, the new eWAS package integrates weather awareness (including turbulence prediction) into flight operations to improve safety and comfort as well as reduce operating costs.

We use JetPlanner Pro to optimise flight plans and Bytron’s Skybook to share dispatch, planning, briefing and journey log data. These solutions along with the combination of Flightaware flight following and space-based ADS-B tracking give us an edge in ensuring a safe, smooth and cost-efficient flight for our clients. And more flexibility.

On the regulatory front, the pandemic has understandably had an impact and we are integrating these changes into our procedures. “New passenger name record (PNR) requirements and legislation regarding Eurasian internal flights are creating challenges, but these are being addressed and our clients are barely noticing the impact”, notes David.