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6 July 2020

“Of course, Operations are impacted by the current situation and one important aspect of health safety is to ensure that all precautions are taken when we position flight personnel around the world,” says Renny Cichella, Director of Ground Operations. “We already comply with Level 2 of International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), and we are preparing to be audited for Level 3, which gives our customers a degree of confidence only very few can offer.”

In addition, running a small, tight Operations Control Center offers clear advantages. “Our aircraft charter and management clients can count on dedicated personnel who develop a broad and deep knowledge over time. Besides an information advantage that ensures smoother operations, it also makes for a more personalised service,” adds Alfred Ebbers, Head of Dispatch.

“Service also means giving our clients the assurance that flying with Global Jet is the best guarantee to get wherever they need to go – and back – even under unexpected adverse conditions. Here, Global Jet’s approvals and certifications ensure that options remain open that may be closed to others. An update:

Line Maintenance: EASA Part 145 certification now confirmed for A320, B737, Falcon 7X and Gulfstream 650.

CAMO & OPS: AOC & NCC approvals for both GJA and GJL. Internal CAMO software for maintenance management implemented.

ETOPS: ETOPS 180 min and NON ETOPS 120-180 for all AOC, CAT II and CAT IIIb ILS (first business jet operator worldwide to obtain approval).

IS-BAO: Level 2 secured. Preparing for audit to obtain Level 3

Wyvern: Wingman certification renewed.

EVS: Enhanced Vision System II operations.

As part of Global Jet’s EFB (electronic flight bag) strategy, we’re now the first business jet operator to use in-house Electronic Journey Log and Electronic Document Management software, both approved by all civil aviation authorities.

“The bottom line for charter clients is that our Operations are set up to offer much greater flexibility in terms of the aircraft and destinations they choose, along with peace of mind that Global Jet is the best prepared for the unexpected”, says Alfred. “And for the owners of the aircraft we have under management it’s the knowledge that we maximise the return and protect the value of their asset.”