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6 July 2020

From the outset, bespoke design and completion has been part of Global Jet’s core activities. In the twenty years since our first Boeing BBJ VIP we’ve been entrusted with over 40 projects –  A340, A320, A319, A318, Boeing 767, BBJ2 and BBJ2 are just some examples of aircraft types – from A to Z.

“Impossible? Never heard the word”, says Nicolas Jaccard, our Completion Consultant based in Geneva. “The fact that we’ve never been asked to undo anything we suggested in terms of design and outfitting really says two things: one, we know our clients; two, we can effectively leverage twenty years of experience with all types of systems and millions of miles around the globe to create the jet and the interior to match, if not exceed our client’s expectations.”

Through word of mouth, we’ve also completed a number of projects for clients who don’t have their aircraft under management with us. “Twenty years of design and completion experience means we have privileged access to airframers and OEM providers. And there’s the fact that each Design & Completion project benefits from the combined experiences of our flight attendants, pilots, maintenance engineers, of practically all our departments accumulated over two decades”.

This success comes from working with the best designers and completion centres in the world, and from an ability to orchestrate very complex projects. “It’s a skill honed over two decades, that you can only acquire through relationships built on trust - and the drive to deliver on our promise to the client”, says Nicolas.

For 2020 we have two Boeing 787s, both in the VVIP version, and one A320, also VVIP, in various stages of completion at Lufthansa and Jet Aviation.

“We are always looking for ways to make long trips seem short. Some of our clients say too short,” Nicolas admits.