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Any partner or client of ours knows that safety is our number one concern at Global Jet. With a successful 20- year legacy to preserve and a worldwide reputation for excellence, you can rest assured our team is taking every possible precaution to ensure everyone's safety throughout the pandemic.

As well as following the guidelines already published by aviation regulators, Global Jet is enacting its own safety and hygiene measures to safeguard all passengers and employees at all times, across all destinations. We have been monitoring the outbreak since the first identified case, and while a number of restrictions have been imposed by several countries, new information continues to emerge. Our teams are working 24/7, communicating with experts and authorities around the world to update all standards as the situation evolves. As a valued Global Jet client, our Worldwide Customer Service, Charter Sales and Operations Teams are available day and night to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the pandemic.


  • aircraft

    Each aircraft is equipped with masks for adults & children, gloves, hydroalcoholic gels, disinfection cleaning products for aerospace surfaces, UPK (Universal Precaution Kit), thermometer and sterilized charger for phones (i.e Lexon Oblio)[1].

  • Crew

    All crew are well traced and checked on a regular basis. They have been all trained to apply, before and after each flight, sanitation and disinfection sprays as per very strict procedures established with Medaire physicians and in accordance with the EASA and applicable local regulations. All client greetings have been reviewed according to the new regulations and crew will wear masks and gloves as allowed and required. The service and social distancing on board has been adapted to respect all new hygiene standards while maintaining a high-end service in order to meet our clients’ wishes.


MedAire’s UPK is an add-on kit for any MedAire first aid / medical kit that is on board each aircraft, to equip crew members and passengers with the necessary equipment to protect themselves from exposure to communicable diseases[3].

The UPK contains:

  • A gown with long sleeves and aprons to enhance protection from potential spillage

  • Hand sanitizer for when standard hand washing facilities are not available

  • Booties (shoe covers) protect from contact with infected material responders might have stepped over

  • Surgical face masks with protective visor to cover the eyes

  • Non-permeable gloves protect hands from contact with infected materials

  • Items to aid in clean-up of bodily fluids such as an absorbent pad, liquid solidifier, scoop/scraper, odor eliminator, and disinfectant wipes

  • Biohazard bag to dispose of waste and used protective gear

  • Instructions on how to properly don, remove, and dispose of personal protection equipment

  • Soft-sided for easy storage

  • Assembled under strict ISO 9001 quality assurance standards


  • Is it safer to fly with a private jet rather than a commercial airline during the pandemic ?

    Flying on a private jet will facilitate social distancing by avoiding close contact with other passengers in the aircraft. The fact that private jets benefit in most locations of dedicated standalone VIP terminal facilities and channels also prevents the potential exposure by avoiding busy airport terminals, check-in counters as well as boarding procedures. Moreover, the number of passengers is limited in a private jet reducing the risk of being exposed to the virus.

  • Is Global Jet still operating Private and Charter Flights ?

    Yes, Global Jet is still operating flights based on certain travel restrictions.

  • What hygienic and safety measures are being taking on board ?

    Global Jet aircraft are equipped with protection kits, called UPK which are available if needed for customers & crews as well as highly effective disinfectant agents (Bacoban) for sterilizing the cabin before and after each flight. Hydroalcoholic gels and masks are provided to passengers on board.

  • Do you have masks on board ?

    Yes, Global Jet can provide surgical masks for adults and children.

  • Is it mandatory for passengers to wear a mask when flying on board Global Jet aircraft ?

    The mask is not compulsory for the passengers; they will be available on board upon request.

  • Is the aircraft cabin disinfected before and after each flight ?

    Yes, they are by our cabin crew. Furthermore, and on request by our customers, we could organise with our partners located in some major hubs, a deeper disinfection of the cabin at additional cost.

  • Is the catering well monitored on board ?

    Yes, we have increased our safety, hygiene and procedures with all of our catering partners and therefore is still possible to serve you on board. There might be some limitations and restrictions for some products inevitably.

  • How long can the virus live on a surface ?

    The virus can live up to 72 hours on a surface when there is enough humidity and if that surface is not disinfected.

  • How long can the virus survive in an aircraft ?

    The dry atmosphere in an aircraft when flying creates a highly hostile environment for the virus to survive, therefore being on board the aircraft is safer than being in a humid atmosphere on ground.